Art Class

Every child is an arist. The problem is how to remain an atist once we grow up

– Pablo Picasso

One thing I love as much as making art is sharing it and teaching it to others. Throughout university I taught art classes to children and youth at my hometown art gallery when I was home over the summer and on breaks. As a teacher, art was by far my favourite subject and my master’s degree was focused on art education.

Once COVID restrictions suddenly closed schools in March 2020, I was asked to teach Grade 9/10 art online for a local high school. It was a challenge doing such a hands on subject online but also a lot of fun and it reminded me how much I love teaching. So I’m always excited whenever an opportunity arises to teach and share art and I hope that I can share ideas, projects, tips and advice and more here with all of you to help encourage and inspire a lifelong love of art.

Teaching at the Gallery in the Grove summer camp in August 2015
(photo credit: Tyler Kula, Sarnia Observer. Aug. 11, 2015)

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