Motherhood & Art

You’ll never have time for art after becoming a mom

That’s what I was told and what I had internalized. As excited as I was to be a mom and as much as I love it and am grateful now, I honestly thought that I would never have time for art and creativity again. Or at least not for a few years.

Alhumdulillah the opposite turned out to be true. I struggled a lot post partum and making art played a huge role in m self-care and making time for myself. Since my daughter was born, I’ve been able to fill up sketchbooks with drawings, paintings and other work that I’ve scanned and turned into prints. Those art prints were what led to me starting Art by Aruba in 2019. And now I am thankfully able to continue and grow my business and also make art, inclding several painting commissions.

My toddler also loves art and it’s so much fun making art together and seeing her get joy from it too. It’s not always easy and there’s many, many days where I don’t have as much time as I’d like to create. But it’s more than worth it and it’s taught me to prioritize and also has pushed me to appreciate how much I love art and making it.

So in this section of my blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts, reflections and lessons learned about creating art since becoming a mother.

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